Pedigree chart Kerstin Linnéa Kjellberg


Born 1937-03-20 in Ununge (AB). [1]
Kerstin Linnéa Kjellberg.
Born 1937-03-20 in Ununge (AB). [1]



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Spouse(s) and children

Married 1956-03-17 Stig-Erik Kjellberg. Born 1930-04-28 in Backby, Singö (AB). [2]

Bengt Erik Kjellberg. Born 1956-06-30 in Singö (AB). [1]

Katarina Maria Kjellberg. Born 1965-01-17 in Singö (AB). [1]


  1. Sv bef 1970
  2. GID 100001.84.5000
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