Pedigree chart Ingrid Birgitta Andersson


Born 1941-09-26 in Norrtälje (AB). [1]
Ingrid Birgitta Andersson.
Born 1941-09-26 in Norrtälje (AB). [1]


Spouse(s) and children

Married Bror Erland Andersson. Pappersbruksarbetare.
Born 1941-03-07 in Backby, Singö (AB). [2]

Johan Roger Andersson. Born 1963-09-16 in Väddö (AB). [1]

Helena Birgitta Andersson. Born 1967-03-30 in Väddö (AB). [1]

Bror Morgan Andersson. Born 1971-03-10 in Häverö (AB). [1]


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