Pedigree chart Annika Abrahamsdotter


Born 1738-11-07 in Ellan, Singö (AB). [1]
Annika Abrahamsdotter.
Born 1738-11-07 in Ellan, Singö (AB). [1]

f Abraham (E Sg) Persson.
Born 1709-09-29 in Ellan, Singö (AB). [2]
Died 1772-07-05 in Singö (AB). [3]
Bonde Ellan.

ff Per (E Sg) Andersson.
Born 1674 in Ellan, Singö(AB). [4]
Died 1737-06-11 in Ellan, Singö (AB). [5]
Bonde Ellan Södergården.

fff Anders Olofsson.
Born 1631.
Died 1715 in Ellan, Singö (AB). [5]
Bonde Ellan.


ffm Anna (E) Olofsdotter.
Born in Södergården, Ellan, Singö.

ffmf Olof (E) Andersson.
Born in Södergården, Ellan, Singö.

Bonde Ellan.

ffmm Anna Andersdotter.

fm Karin Abrahamsdotter.
Born 1677 in Singö (AB). [3]
Died 1717-04-03 in Ellan, Singö (AB). [6]

fmf Abraham Larsson.
Born in Singö (AB).


fmff Lars Abrahamsson.
Born. [3]


m Britta Barbro Matsdotter.
Born 1706-03-18 in Österboda, Singö (AB). [2]
Died 1758-02-27 in Singö (AB). [3]

mf Mats (Bo Ö 1/2) Olofsson.
Born 1670 in Österbodagården, Singö(AB).
Died 1720.

mff Olof (Bo Ö) Johnsson.
Born 1650 in Österbodagården, Singö(AB). [3]
Died 1692.

mfff John Johan (Bo Ö) Olofsson.
Born in Österbodagården, Singö(AB). [3]

Bonde Österboda.


mfm Britta Olofsdotter.
Born 1630. [3]
Died 1695.


mm Karin Katarina Mårtensdotter Månsdotter.
Born 1676 in Singö (AB). [3]
Died 1755.

mmf Mårten Andersson.
Born 1643 in Singö (AB).
Died 1713 in Medholma, Singö (AB). [5]
Brukare av Frälsehemmanet Medholma.

mmff Anders Mårtensson.
Born. [7]




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