Pedigree chart Margareta Olofsdotter


Born 1758-03-12 in Söderby, Singö (AB). [1]
Margareta Olofsdotter.
Born 1758-03-12 in Söderby, Singö (AB). [1]

f Olof (Sö) Ersson.
Born 1729 in Söderby, Singö (AB). [2]
Died 1788-03-17 in Söderby, Singö (AB). [3]
Bonde Söderby, tolvman.

ff Erik (Sö) Jönsson.
Born 1686. [4]

Bonde Söderby.


fm Britta Olofsdotter.
Born 1703-09-27 in Söderby, Singö (AB). [1]

fmf Olof Matsson.
Born in Söderby, Singö (AB). [4]

Bonde Söderby.

fmff Mats Matsson.


fmm Britta Matsdotter.

Died 1743-01-27 in Söderby, Singö (AB). [5]

fmmf Mats Persson.


m Anna Ersdotter.
Born in Tranvik, Singö(AB). [4]



1786 Bondedottren Söderby

Spouse(s) and children

Married 1786-10-22 in Börstil (AB) [6] Olof Matsson. Born in Fälön. [7]


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