Pedigree chart Lars Larsson


Bonde Söderby.
Born 1706-12-xx in Backby, Singö (AB). [1]
Baptized 1706-12-28.
Lars Larsson.
Born 1706-12-xx in Backby, Singö (AB). [1]

Bonde Söderby.

f Lars Andersson.


m Magdalena Malin Andersdotter.

Died 1716 in Backby, Singö (AB). [2]



1739 drängen Bergby
1740 Bonden Söderby
1744 Sing Söderby
1751 Söderby
1754 Bonden

Spouse(s) and children

Married 1739-12-28 in Singö (AB) [3] Karin Kajsa Matsdotter. Born 1715 in Söderby, Singö(AB). [4]
Died 1793-01-11 in Backby, Singö (AB). [5]

Lars Larsson. Bonde Norrvreta Söderby.
Born 1740-10-26 in Söderby, Singö (AB). [6]

Mattias Mats Larsson. Bonde Söderby.
Born 1742-11-27 in Söderby, Singö (AB). [7]
Died 1799-06-10 in Söderby, Singö (AB). [2]

Erik Larsson Singman. Sjöman.
Born 1744-08-07 in Söderby, Singö (AB). [8]
Died 1794. [9]

Olof Larsson. Bonde Söderby, Backby.
Born 1752-03-04 in Söderby, Singö (AB). [10]
Died 1809-06-05 in Backby, Singö (AB). [2]

Johan Larsson. Born 1754-12-29 in Singö (AB). [11]


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