Pedigree chart Greta Andersdotter


Born 1816-02-29 in Gräsö.
Greta Andersdotter.
Born 1816-02-29 in Gräsö.

f Anders Larsson.
Born 1787-07-26 in Gräsö.

Bonde Söderboda, Gräsö.

ff Lars Andersson.
Born 1749-12-10 in Gräsö.

Bonde Söderboda, Gräsö.


fm Greta Andersdotter.
Born 1757-08-24 in Gräsö.


m Maria Andersdotter.
Born 1788-04-14 in Börstil.

mf Anders Ersson.
Born 1746 in Börstil.

Bonde Simundö. Börstil.


mm Britta Matsdotter.
Born 1759 in Valö (C).


Spouse(s) and children

Married Jan Jansson. Bonde Söderboda, Gräsö.
Born 1811 in Gräsö.

Maria Margareta Jansdotter Abrahamsson. Born 1847-04-20 in Gräsö (C). [1]
Died 1934-12-15 in Ellan, Singö (AB). [2]


  1. Staffan Adolfsson/Sv bef 1890
  2. GID 100001.123.4900
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