Pedigree chart Jan Jansson


Bonde Söderboda, Gräsö.
Born 1811 in Gräsö.
Jan Jansson.
Born 1811 in Gräsö.

Bonde Söderboda, Gräsö.

f Jan Månsson.
Born 1785-04-11 in Gräsö.

Bonde Söderboda Gräsö.

ff Måns Ersson.
Born 1732-02-20.


fm Anna Andersdotter.
Born 1746-08-31 in Gräsö.


m Malena Ersdotter.
Born 1784-01-16 in Gräsö.

mf Erik Persson.
Born 1750-12-12 in Gräsö.

Bonde Carlboda, Gräsö.


mm Anna Hansdotter.
Born 1749-10-05.


Spouse(s) and children

Married Greta Andersdotter. Born 1816-02-29 in Gräsö.

Maria Margareta Jansdotter Abrahamsson. Born 1847-04-20 in Gräsö (C). [1]
Died 1934-12-15 in Ellan, Singö (AB). [2]


  1. Staffan Adolfsson/Sv bef 1890
  2. GID 100001.123.4900
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